Friday, October 25, 2013

We Are

I am love unconditional
You are love come true
I am a demanding love
You are love's 2nd chance
I am love breathing
You are love on fire
I am love unwavering
You are love set free
I am love pursued
You are a protective love
We are one to the other
Shared love run amuck
Sacrificed love born again
In two one

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

U Ain't Shit

You’re blinded by this storm of a woman
An elegant yet soul engulfing black queen
You never imagined a piece of fruit as sweet
My nectar dripping from your mouth agape
All consuming is my fire in your man’s blood
I walk with a confidence many a man have seen
But a high commodity few put their hands on
Present in a time when chivalry has all but died
My presence whispers to a spirit you hadn't met
Confused is your selfish flesh but inside you see
Deep down a real man in you is buried deep
All you needed was a strong lady like me
At your feet I bear life as my gift to you
Eyes closed you miss the birth of my truth
On my back I explode from the inside out
Yet His power is poured in me as I kneel
In your violent night I am never worried
Because in my brilliant day I conquer all
When it’s all said and done I’m still a lady
But don’t fuck with me!
I’m still laughing!
We both know you lied when you said,
“Onta, U ain’t shit!”


Sunday, October 6, 2013

In The Mirror
This moment finds me in quiet reflection and gratitude for the blessings and years I've already lived. It is in this space I have no idea what lies in store nevertheless my pulse is strong. My heart still beats for the dreams I had as a little girl even if some of them were distorted as a young woman. So today when I could stand and shout I choose to sit, legs crossed, steady in my resolve. From those dreams long ago a specific set of goals are firmly planted in faith. When I could do handstands to get one's attention I choose to sit, hands in my lap, and gently nudge the spirit of the one who's still searching for me. I am imperfectly perfect and now in my 40th year I realize that is perfectly OK with me.  

Warmest Regards,
In Walks A Lady