Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sheer Curtains

When I pull back the curtains to let in 
the sunshine there is always the possibility 
that the storm will come with it. 
Nevertheless, I can not choose to NOT 
expose that me that stands behind the 
closed curtains out of fear for the storm 
or I will most certainly miss the sunshine. 
It is in the storm that my strength is tested 
and it is in the sunshine that you bear witness 
that I survived. 

Friday, August 23, 2013

Freaky Friday!!!

Just the name has got me on edge 

If I purr just right will you push my legs? 

Ankles to my ears is what I had in mind

Maybe use your dick & your finger at the same time. 

Pump hard into my body make my breast jiggle 

And then let me ride you in reverse to watch my ass wiggle-

Around and around on your dick I wanna spin

Have you flip me on my knees and do it again. 

Hold me by the waist and feel me buck in your hands 

Now let's sideways like scissors & watch my kitty expand. 

"Pussy don't fail me now. I gotta turn this nigga out. 

Til he don't want nobody else but me and only me!" 

Me & Missy E working this Freaky Friday!! 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fire on the Rocks

I yearn for your salty sweet taste upon my lips
Gentle pressure to my breast naturally I grind my hips
How could something so good be so dayum wrong?
Wait!!! Those are the lyrics to an ol school love song
Sweat glistening commanding my tongue to taste
You’ll leave before sunrise there’s no time to waste
Shirt dropped
Pants discarded
Belt that multi-task
Bra secured as a scarf
Legs tangled between the sheets
Electricity dances when our bodies meet
Twin mounds of pleasure entice your lips apart
My body thrashing beneath where shall you start?
Circles you draw on my sweet pork w/out gaining entry
I can’t help but close my eyes before I forget to breathe
The smooth motion of your hips bump to the music’s bass
You push my head in the pillow so I can’t see your face
My ass you spread apart your stroke keeping the beat
Your dick finds its own way to my sweet pussy’s heat
With mastery you ride me until I can’t take anymore
Relentlessly you pursue me and we slide to the floor
Legs pinned beneath me there’s only one way to move
Fuck it I’m a big girl so I toss my ass back to your groove
Music fades to the back as we make our own song
I’m no amateur but who in d’hell made a dick that long
Each stroke of your manhood sends me even higher
I've been in like & in love before but this lust is fire!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Tout de Suite*

I ask you kind Sir are you a magician from the 9th circle
My tears fell fervently before I knew they were there
The sweet tension between us built into a frenzy flame
On the Holy Bible’s word I promised myself never again
In perfect simpatico our dreams are simply aligned
Yesterday’s no priority for me now only space in time
Surely as I breathe your smiles are caught in the wind
Tossed about frivolously and now the hurt x2 begins
Does it have to be this way here at the crossroads?
Is that how the story goes? The prince turns into a toad
But from my heart through whispered lips you are king
Because your spoken promises say we’ll have everything
I want to let your experiences with me be your very own
My constant friend disappoint is now my stepping stone
Into our present day fairy tale with an ending not yet told
Stand in it with me? In the newness of love not in the old-
Insecurities bound minds in security blankets tattered & torn
I’m feeling this love jones; not the bitter bitch that’s scorned
Turn around and see me for the dirty diamond that I am
Open your arms for me and see my truth is no Catfish scam
With burned fingers I reach for your warmth and steady calm
Totally convinced I am, “You are simply my broken heart’s balm!”

Dedication: A Strawberry by any other name…..
8/18/13 6:33 a.m.
*Tout de Suite (French) by definition is colloquial meaning immediately, right away.
J'ai besoin de le tenir tout de suite. (I need to hold him right away)

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Fuck You

You push me away from greatness with sharp words

In the dark thru the tracks of my tears

“You’re worthless Woman” is all I heard

Life’s lessons are brutal so must you add to it?

The impression of your boot permanently etched in my skin

Cracked ribs bruised lips; in this game is this all I win?

Never could I imagine the grown man with childlike words

SVU diagnosis reveals the mind of a young sociopath

SSI issues crazy checks but where goes the app to get my life back?

My smile, my sanity, my joy; rare treasures to behold

The love you stole from me carries a sentence of 5 to 10

But I’m serving your time because I won’t let the next 1 in

My inside thoughts in chaos my veins twisted in on themselves

Self-respect trampled on left me looking from the inside out

You call me too sensitive now asking what the fuss is all about

A veteran of this war returning home worn and shell shocked

Every snicker and evil look my way sends me back to my box

So fuck you I’m going home and yo ass can kick rocks!!!!

To Date or Not To Date

Here are MY top 10 questions. Feel free to use them as a blueprint to build your own. Dating is not what it once was so keep your eyes and options open.
1)      Did you file a tax form for the last 3 years?
a.       Attached a Form W-2 from an employer(s)
b.      Attached  a Self-employed form
c.       Credit Score Range ______________
2)      How is your physical and financial health?
a.       Life Insurance
b.      Living Will or Last Will in Testament
c.       Retirement Plan
d.      Physical Check-ups?
e.      STD testing schedule?
3)      Who lives under your roof with you right now?
a.       Are you supporting the household?
b.      One of the occupants your ex-anything? Parent?
4)      Do you have your own reliable transportation?
5)      When was the last day of your last relationship?
6)      How many children do you have?
a.       Are you supporting financially?
b.      Ages?
c.       Visitation schedule?
d.      Rapport with the mother(s)?
7)      How do you fight IF…….
a.       You think you’re not being heard
b.      I said I don’t agree
c.       You want your way
d.      Your  feelings are hurt
e.      You’re busted
8)      Is your “I Don’t Do That” list longer than your “I Will Do This” list?
a.       Top don’t do _____________________________
b.      2nd top don’t do ___________________________
c.       3rd top don’t do ____________________________
9)      Do we have to go to church?
a.       Say grace?
b.      Say our prayers?
10)   Is marriage an option or a goal?

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


All I ever wanted was for you to remain by my side and hold my hand
As children of God we are taught early about death and to understand.
Just as a petulant child I don’t want to accept or understand when it happens to me
I don’t want to see clearly, believe it will get better, none of that shit.
I just want you with me.  
This is my heart’s happiness; you and me together forever
But you left me and so y’all keep that something to say clever.
In this deep darkness I’m going to jump and frivolous
Salutations have no residence here.
This hole is mine to stretch my sight as far veins go
Without popping out of socket.
You understand, you’ll be here, close your mouth,
And miss me with that; just stop it. 
All those times I was up in church feeling sad
But I wasn't sitting up front for that I was glad
I looked on from afar all those other times,
Me and you wondering who would jump first----
Why ain't there other cars driving in front of mine
It’s just the preacher’s car between me and the hearse
I can’t miss what I never had but you were mine to love on,
Laugh with, beat up, and get beat up by
Now all I can do is sit here and cry
This shit hurt I ain't gone lie
Never again do I look up and
You pass me by
If I didn't love you so much I’d hate you right now

Monday, August 5, 2013


Whatever is in my heart has been strewn about like a rag-doll on a merry-go-round

Filled with trepidation and fear when all things spoken gel into one silver bullet

Once broken by those lies flung at me haphazardly in the heat of an argument

One thousand one hundred and eighty seven days later I’m no longer victorious

I’m dead I know that my eyes are closed restricting free thought to my brain

Still sensitive to the insensitive brutes who initiate games in my head for sport

Even now time stands still and I question my own judgment my own sound mind

My cheerleader skirt is dirty from shouting, “I’m free! I won! He didn't beat me.”

Yet facing this one and that one similar in make-up and build I’m not so sure

I’m dead I know that my heart has stopped talking to my body feeding me life

Shit I thought I was over the hurt but now I must burn my worn survivor shirt

So on my tippy toes I reach for the Band-Aids my wounds are so far from healed

I cry out in the darkness to the Spirit for my wounded soul to again take flight

Sadly the falling feathers of my wings glow like molten embers settling at my feet

I’m dead I know that my shero succumbed to his kryptonite. I’m dead I know.