Thursday, August 15, 2013

To Date or Not To Date

Here are MY top 10 questions. Feel free to use them as a blueprint to build your own. Dating is not what it once was so keep your eyes and options open.
1)      Did you file a tax form for the last 3 years?
a.       Attached a Form W-2 from an employer(s)
b.      Attached  a Self-employed form
c.       Credit Score Range ______________
2)      How is your physical and financial health?
a.       Life Insurance
b.      Living Will or Last Will in Testament
c.       Retirement Plan
d.      Physical Check-ups?
e.      STD testing schedule?
3)      Who lives under your roof with you right now?
a.       Are you supporting the household?
b.      One of the occupants your ex-anything? Parent?
4)      Do you have your own reliable transportation?
5)      When was the last day of your last relationship?
6)      How many children do you have?
a.       Are you supporting financially?
b.      Ages?
c.       Visitation schedule?
d.      Rapport with the mother(s)?
7)      How do you fight IF…….
a.       You think you’re not being heard
b.      I said I don’t agree
c.       You want your way
d.      Your  feelings are hurt
e.      You’re busted
8)      Is your “I Don’t Do That” list longer than your “I Will Do This” list?
a.       Top don’t do _____________________________
b.      2nd top don’t do ___________________________
c.       3rd top don’t do ____________________________
9)      Do we have to go to church?
a.       Say grace?
b.      Say our prayers?
10)   Is marriage an option or a goal?


  1. LOL! Nice! I know that I'd get a passing grade on this, so I'm feeling pretty good!

  2. I'm confident that you are one of the rare ones.

  3. Very well said. :-) All of these must be discussed.

    1. Indeed! Show me your truth up front before anybody starts catching feelings..