Monday, September 2, 2013


I've had a day like no other filled with stress
I smiled when I could cry trying to just do my best
At the door kicked off my shoes pantyhose to follow
Moscato D’asti on ice sipping; not gulp or swallow
Candles lit with flames gently licking at my skin
The bubbles rise from the heat as I slide on in
Gently kneading my legs slowly crawling up my thigh
I tried to skip over my heaven and just close my eyes
But two fingers escaped to open the shell around my pearl
In this quiet space of self-loving I've just blocked out the world
My hips scoot lower trying to seek out love from my hand
A night of splendor for my body no need for hourglass’ sand
Lightly I caress my tummy hidden from my bird’s eye view
Twin mounds bobbing up from suds greedy for attn. too
Vials of warm cocoa butter lathered penetrating my essence
The hairs of my neck rose to alert me of your presence
So eager to share with you all the troubles of my day
Strong champion of my heart in your eyes it melts away
My eyes roam your body as you un-peel each clothing layer
So without fear I spread wide to receive your thick stress slayer
My arms encircle you; nails scratch your back, nestled in your lap
Trying to concentrate on your words while your dick lightly taps
You cradle my head to your chest letting your heartbeat soothe me
As the water’s chilled you take my hand and nudge me to my feet
We make quick work with the towels and warm oils are slowly shared
Once done we snuggle under the sheets skin to skin and totally bare
The stresses of the day overwhelmed me and had me tied up in knots

But in the sanctity of your embrace kissing your neck there’s no better spot