Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April 22nd

From her lap our lives were formed
From her lips our prayers were heard
Her walk with Jesus kept us safe
Looking to the heavens we see her face
Just as she was when she pressed our hair
The sweet smell of her essence still in the air
She is the bond that erases our miles
Her adoration for us seen in all her smiles
Crushed in her arms hugs were abundant
Hearing her say "love you" was never redundant
Her children's children were  blessed beyond measure
Her children still teaching life's lessons is her treasure
A prize to bequeath to those lives yet to come
Her legacy lives on though her walk on earth is done
Years are mere months, weeks, hours; feel like yesterday
And though we shed a tear we know she's never far away
We know God called her home to sit with Him on high
So we said "see you later" but never is this goodbye
Our hearts are overjoyed as we celebrate you today
We know you are smiling as we scream
"We Love you Mamma & Happy Birthday"

In Loving Memory,

Mrs. Ervin Holman; Big Mamma

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