Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Choose Ye This Day

I can’t sit I can’t stand
I just can’t
Tossing & turning I’m lost
Lost in fear
Lost in hope
Lost in love
My soul dies twice over just as the sun rises
I smell death so near I flinch from the impact
Its timing so in sync I stumble
Just as your fist makes contact
Your physicality I’d rather withstand
Rather than once more my spirit savagely raped
This moment begs I put two silver bullets to rest
My smile; my rarest treasure so many take it for granted
Light or dark it remains in place; my representative
Just don’t think for 1 second I can’t crack
Fold under pressure
Cry when I’m hurt
Hate to be alone
Panic when I’m drowning
I know if I don’t swim I can’t rise
I can’t be victorious
I know if I don’t float I can’t live

Just once I choose death

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