Sunday, July 28, 2013

You fucked it…Now we can’t be friends

I didn't ask you for shit; just wanted to be your friend
Now you mad? I’m me! Accept it; to your will I’ll not bend
Nawl ain't nothing you can say I can’t consider to mend
Quick bursts of a two minute brutha we over; the end.
Yeah you fucked it…now I don’t even wanna be your friend.

I asked you to keep it 100 it wouldn't kill you; would it?
Now you standing toe to toe eye to eye with my bullet
10 to 15 they charge but holding the trigger fuck it I pull it
Service to my country nayun nutha Sista fall victim to it
Yeah you fucked it…now I can’t even be your friend.

You grinning and skinning thinking you got game on lock
Tell that lie again… go head I dare ya. Speak into my glock!
You can run but you can’t hide; me & my girls circling the block
This shit comes to an end with the next four clicks on the clock

Yeah you fuck it…now I swear I was never your friend.

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